Theory On Switching Gears During Cycles


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hey guys...... I was just talkin to a couple of my friends...... some of these guys big mother fuckers and alot older than of my friends is like 28 at 235lbs at 5ft8 (puts up 495) and another friend is 26 at 5ft4 175lbs(althought 175 maybe not seem like alott weight this cat is big as hell and chiseled for his size puts up 365 easily)........they just brought up a new theory to me the other day at the gym...... I always was loyal to the fact that you stick straight through a cycle with the types of shit you start out with...... persay
12 wks of eq, cyp straight.......
however these guys told me that they always switched up their gear in middle of cycle so that it hits the receptor differently....... i dont see how this is possible since there is only one androgen receptor...... an example of one of their cycles owuld be liek this.......

wks 1-6
sust or Cyp

anyone else ever hear of this so - called theory or is it just plain stupid cause to me it makes no sense........
To me anyways, the example you provided doesn't make much sense.

Cyp & Enan are basically the same, so it does not matter as far as they are concerned. EQ we all know has to be run for at least 10 weeks to see any good results, so to run Deca for 6 & Eq for 6 is a waste IMO.
Thats an old theory that holds no water whatsoever. As you mentioned there is only one receptor and only one way to "hit" it. Different steriods do however have different characteristics about them which do not involve the AR. But swithcing from cyp to sus to enanthate will not make that much difference. In fact you'd get better results just keeping the drugs the same for 12 weeks instead of switching at 6.
I more or less agree with SC's take on this particular cycle. But the whole "hitting the receptor differently thing" baffles me.
Maybe it's non-AR mediated effects that give them their perceived bump, and not an AR effect at all.
And not to be a smart ass, but "persay" is per se, 2 words, Latin :)
I agree.Test is Test.It doesn't matter what ester is attached to it,your receptors only see testosterone.And as stated above both Deca and Eq need more than 6 weeks to take full effect.
Their are people that no matter what they do their going to make gains. I think your friends might fall into that category.

I have to agree with what's been said already.

What works for them won't work for everyone.

To my knowledge test, deca, eq, ect.. all hit the same AR. The old theory of Sustanon (sust) hitting 4 different AR's has long been proven wrong. These guys really dont have a clue what they are talking about.
Example of when this is good, is for longer cycles 20+ wks.

Then by switchin your other gears (not test!) you can benefit from changing up the non-AR mediated effects which will help continue with gains.


Test 1g 20wks
Deca 500 for 10
Eq 500 for 10