To all the Mods here....

With primo, I'm now convinced the only way to truly tell is to have it tested. I had 45 amps of Spanish Primo that I was SURE was the shit: everything about the physical makeup of the amps, the fills, lettering, even the smell and taste of the stuff, was right on. These fakers are clever.
I sent one off to the lab, just to be positive (the doctor thing, ya know). Came back: methenolone, none detected. $16 an amp! Was I ever heart-broken. I still can't bring myself to throw it away.
i agree with buffdoc. the only way you will know if they are legit is to get them tested.
there are some great fakes out there anymore. not worth the risk imo
Primo is not worth the risk to spend a bunch of $$$ because more than likely you will end up with FAKES!!!!! There have been too many posts on this subject, but for some reason people always think that they have the real stuff, or at least they hope they do!!! IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!