Tren ENTH verses Tren Acetate


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Keep us posted boyz.......feel free to elaborate on your results. There are many bro's interested in this stuff.


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I think that I won't even worry about Tren Ace powder anymore. Maybe I can be one of the Tren Enan guinea pigs for the board.

I can't remember off the top of my head, but which UG lab sells Tren Enan?


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big N said:
im on tren enenthate right now 6 weeks in 600 mg a week ,along wit other stuff .th tren enentahte seamed to kickin harder once it actually saturates.ikm loving right now !strenght hardness are skyrocketing by the day,.id say they are kinda simialr but withouth ed inject that makes it a big plus ,scar tissue isa bitch .id use enentahe over accetate.

This is good to know I love tren and would never do a bulker or cutter without it. looking forward to trying enath.

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DRveejay11 said:
Anyone try both and prefer ONE vs the OTHER?

.....please elaborate about your experiences with Tren Enth
It is relatively new so I think a lot of people are like me—just starting it, so I think you’ll start to see more reports as people’s summer cycles evolve. I started tren-suspension June 1st. Did two weeks of that and then switched over to tren-enth (neobolin) with a 4 day overlap. Still too soon to pass any judgments, but I’ll let you know. I also have some of the new masteron (neomasteron) too. Plan to add that next week. :cool:


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I did a search yesterday and found about 3 or 4 posts on the same topic, if anyone has not yet looked.