Tren ENTH verses Tren Acetate

There doesnt seem to be too many people on the boards who have used Tren Enth! I know that the ester that was the same as Parabolon is now available ( Cyclohex.........whatever......not even gonna try and spell it ) Ive seen it on some lists.
Nobody has used the tren enanthate yet...:( . Search Elite, I have seen someone who had used it there....(although I only remember seeing one or two even talk about it...)
I've heard good things about it (can't find the thread right now sorry) but I am considering making some when I bulk next time, tren with out the ED pokes would be very nice.

From what I remember its effects started to be fealt within 18 days or so. Lemme try and find it again.
I'm going to try some Tren Enan shortly, never used any before at all.
I must have been tired when I posted this, because its acetate.
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im on tren enenthate right now 6 weeks in 600 mg a week ,along wit other stuff .th tren enentahte seamed to kickin harder once it actually saturates.ikm loving right now !strenght hardness are skyrocketing by the day,.id say they are kinda simialr but withouth ed inject that makes it a big plus ,scar tissue isa bitch .id use enentahe over accetate.
Im on the Enan right now too....Love it....ED injects suck...I would use ENAN before ACE any day. My strength is thru the roof...And Im getting more solid every day...BIG BUMP FOR TREN ENAN!!
its a combo of 100mgs CYP and 200mgs Tren ENAN per cc...and Im doing 3ccs a week....Plus an extra shot of 250 test...which brings me to 550 Test and 600 Tren enan...:)