Tren Suspension?


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In synovex conversion, you use sodium hyrdoxide I beleive, to strip both the estrodial and the ester off of test propionate, so you end up with Test no ester. Could the same be done with fina pellets to make tren suspension?
Sure can! Works well.

You can use it on any esterfied powdered product to de-esterfy it (to the best of my knowledge at least)
The method for saponifying with hydroxide is a universal one but the logical question would be why one would prefer a suspension over an oil prep?
Working with a 1% BA, 5% BB, 5% PEG-400, cottonseed oil matrix one could definitely make 25 mg / mL without it crashing. I would rather have a low concentration oil prep that can be heat sterilized rather than a water one that is finicky.

If you try 50 mg/mL you are on your own as I have no direct experience working that high with that recipe. You may consider increasing the BB and PEG to appropriate levels but will also thicken the prep considerably. Maybe 1% BA, 10% BB, 10% PEG-400 to start...but that may need to be adjusted.