Ummm has anyone seen the Steriodology Store

Biggie said they had a problem with the software. It wasn't very user friendly, therefore it put them a couple steps back. There was a post about it not to long ago, but I don't remember what the name was called.
I remember now, he was telling someone about it in "Mad's Post Whore Thread". Good luck finding it!!!!
Hey sorry for not seeing this thread. Been a really busy week for me.

Ok so our Mid April dealine came and went. I apologize. Basically what Easto said is 100% correct. We were all ready to go, I ran a test order and then lost my mind. Naw, but the shopping cart software was so terrible. Not user friendly at all. So we scrapped that software and are in the process of putting in a new shopping cart which required Tx and I to apply for bank merchant accounts.

I know we have been bad on anticipating start up dates but Im saying 2-3 weeks and we will be good to go for both US and Canadian orders.

I will make an annoucement here when the store is open and you will also see a banner up as well.

Thanks for asking and for keeping us in mind.
My end (the U.S. side) should be good to go around the 27th-30th as long as everything goes smoothly.

Bottom line, we are almost there and want to have it opened just as badly as y'all do.
I have seen the new DC nutrition store:)

and IT LOOKS GREAT!:cool:

nee NER nee NER nee NER nee NER:agreed: :bootyshak