Week 9 and final results....


I will be putting up some pics on the members pic board later on....

Here were my stats:

Weight: 200 and not very lean, but had a good base.
Arms: 17 inch
legs: 22 inches ( i know....birdie legs...)
chest: 48 inch
calves 15 inches ( i know...tiny..)
waist: 36.5 inch

Max bench: 365
Max squat: 225
Max d/b curls: 45
Max Deadlift: 375

Final stata as of right now:

Weight: 218
Ams: 19+"
legs: 25"
chest: 52"
Calves: 17"
waist: 34"

Max bench: 455...I am going to try 500 on monday....hmmm...
Max squat: 385
Max d/b curls: ? dont know..i am training with 65's for sets of 8
Max Dead: 485...i hit 525 last week....hmmm...

My cycle was the following:

week 1: 750 mg omna/40 mg dbol daily/25mg proviron daily
week 2-4: 500 mg omna/40 mg dbol daily/25mg proviron daily
week 5-9: 500 mg omna/50mg Winstrol (winny) tab daily/25mg proviron daily
week 9-12: 50 mg Winstrol (winny) tab daily/25mg proviron tab daily
week 13-16 100mg clomid ed

I still have the clomid to run and finish the Winstrol (winny) tabs...

I am not happy with the Winstrol (winny) tabs, they are ip so i am basically done with my cycle...i go see the doc monday to get blood work etc done...then i am going to hit a bulk only cvycle next...

These are not bad stats for a 38 year old guy...I can tell by my progrees chart where I spent most of my time and training on...I went more for the power...and I got where I wanted to be..

I should have hit the wheels harder, but hey, I have time to hit them again...

This was a good planned out cycle...and I actually kept good records as well as photos...there is a lot of improvement to be done in my back and wheels and other areas...right now i am going to focus on maintaining what i have and move the rep ranges into the 8-10 rep range to get some solidity and shape to the muscles and still maintain my strength...

As i said, I will post the pictures this afternoon after we take them here at work....

Thanks to all with the advice...

Looks good Bro. Glad to see you made such great gains. Can't wait to see the pics eastarr69.
You came a long way on legs bro....
going from Max squat: 225
to Max squat: 385........You should be very proud of yourself.
I have found especially since I never worked lower body and just upper body, that what you dont work, will try to catch up, i strictly hit them for strength...they are already leanas can be...almost biker legs...you know the ones that can be strong but still look little...also, because i have always worked upper body, it will take a lot of work to make me look proportionate...i am really happy with the results on the legs and back..i was happy to do sets with 225....it is amazing the jump you get while on...also, there is a huge difference in training for power and strength and just to be pretty...and when i can get the mix of the two, i will be overwhelmed...

Consisted of the following:


set one: 10 reps
set 2: 1 at 8
set 3-6: 3 at 6

The weoghts vareid, i also was training with a bro, who had us doing some crazy crap on squats, like 10 sets of 10....tnhat was f'in insane...

single leg presses:

3 sets to failure


standing and seated calve raises....usuall minimum of 15 reps...

My bro was a leg monster...so he pushed the shit out of me...it may not seem like a lot of work, but, when you never worked them, it is..also, he made me go up in weight every week...no matter what...i may not have even completed my last set of 6 on squat, i may have only hit 3 reps...but i felt them all and for 3 days after that....

I am a firm believer in training heavy...there is only one way to put mass on you arms, to train heavy...my next cycle, i am going to use the same training program i did on this one since it worked for me, and hope to get at least an solid inch or 2 maybe...technically this was my first real cycle in 2 years, so my body came along well, plus i have decent genetics also...everyone in my family seem to be on the bigger boned side also...

Yeah, I remember your before pics, and your bf has come way down! that coupled with adding 2 inches to your arms and calves, 3 inches to your legs and 4 inches to your chest... I'd say you did pretty well for yourself! Good job bro.
Hey, bro,
I saw your pix before; you've dropped your BF. Nice gains on the stats.
Yeah, I used to be one of these upper body only, cardio for the legs guys. Working the wheels has changed things for my entire body.
Thanks bros...now to maintain it until the next run...i used to figure that if my legs could walk me across the room, i did not need to work them...shit was i wrong....i found it hard to rep out squats of 135 at first...especially when my training partner told me i would be throwing up...but, as i read more books, like ed coans etc,,,and trained with my bro, i found that deads and squats help the overall muscles to grow...squats and deads helped my bench to blow up also...plus the heavy training...now i laugh when i want to train legs because i know the squat rack is wide open and waiting for me...not a sole uses the damn thing...now the smith machine is another thing...that sob is always full...funny to watch people people look at you when you grunt with a load of steel over you shoulders when you back out the rack....then load 4 plus plates per side on the bench and watch them stare....i love the little crazy glances and the mumbles of "he's on steroids"...that is the funniest thing to me now...and to think, at one time, i was one of those guys who did the same thing...i love going to equipment in use and ask how many more sets and they look at me and tell me it is their last one,,,you know what I mean...funniest thing...maybe because i just look insane anyhow....that gets me jacked...lol...