What do people say to you when you are on a cycle?


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I am currently on my first cycle and everyone I talk to comments on how big I have gotten. I tell them it's because I eat alot, and they don't ask any more questions after that.

Do you guys ever get poeple that come straight out and ask if you are on roids? I'm sure it is pretty obvious something is up, when you gain 20 pounds in 2 months :D
deny deny deny..its not worth the talk and implications..

I say i've added more protein to my diet, glutamine, and creatine..
and eat extra carbs..
Back in the days when I was on my anadrol & dball cycles my face used look like a ballon. I used to hold so much water and looked very puffy. I used just tell people that Iam trying to put on bunch of weight and get really big. The people that know about roids and the side affects can usually tell when another person is jucing. Now after 6 years of being in the game I could easily tell when another guy in the gym is on. Just tell them your on cell tech & high carb diet... ha ha
im usualy prettyy honest, depending on the pople asking.
when i was at drum and on the 3rd week of my first cycle i went to get an iv from the medics and one asked me if i was scared of needles and the other laughed and said look at him, you dont get like that without using a few needles. i just laughed.
people usually just call me sir and move off of what ever bench I happen to need at the time!
LOL. I have not told anyone other than my gf that I am using. I really don't think it is anyone's business other than my own.
I had one smart ass tell me my liver was gonna explode if I didn't quite. Damn jealous bastard. I told him his face was gonna get stomped on if he didn't mind his business...
No one says anything to me exept hello, or nods...i know they are thinking something, but no one says a word...my gym has a ton of bros in it...but we dont bs about the gear...you can tell...thats enough as far as i am concerned...

Not many people ask me either. You always see people trying to be all sneaky and shit. Like looking through the corner of their eye, looking at you and you notice then they act like they have tourette's and start twitching and shit. LOL I usually tell them that I don't talk so much while training and put some weight on the bar. Only to those smaller than me of course! lol

I BLEW UP 20LBs in 5 weeks!!

And people like my little godson (8yrs old)
hadnt seen him in like 2 months he didnt even
recognize me!!!




I pulled in water as a mofo...a couple of friends of mine asked, and I just denied. Said i ate a lot of fat....unfortunately they were educated about roids and knew i was full of shit...so I just ignored them.

I told 2 of my closest friends...both BB too...
I just told the rest I eat a lot..
"What have you been doing, man?"

"Minding my own business. You oughtta try it sometime."
Easto your right for not telling anyone. That way you never have to worry about anyone saying something other than you......It is definitely funny how people react. I used to be real skinny like a toothpick, towards the end of highschool I started lifting a little but noone ever said "hey man you been workin out". I dont live where I grew up, but when I go back and see some old friends or schoolmates there like ''HOLY SHIT". I say its a good diet and creatine....Some of them dont even recognize me. I have to go to them and say "hey man remeber me we used to wrestle together"???Or "hey, cutie remember me I banged you on your mother's kitchen table five years ago"...
I dont get it at the Gym. I do like the fact that I usally dont wait for equipment. They say " No dude Im all done go ahead ". But my family is straight up my ass with all kinds of questions. I just tell Creatine,HMB, And that I eat the equivilent of a small child in body weight for all my meals for a day. It seams to make them shut up. Know my brother is a dick and keeps on asking if Im on roids. ( hes a prick any how just jellous that hes out of shape and going bald )
i have to go with the eastarr on this one...my gym is a fitness club here in town..its full of people..trainers..kids..teens..elderly..all kinds...
and you can always feel when people are looking at ya...they know that in 6 weeks your benching 70 lbs more than you were...and youve gained so much weight.... but the ones who are on it, we don't say anything to eachother..just a nod and carry on w/ the day....don't ask don't tell
Of course you notice people staring, but that's the best part. I wonder what is running through their heads.
...how they want to do it, but too scared to....
one gy asked me yesterday...'blake i want to , but i don't want to have my dick shrink' i just laughed at him and told him , you just don't want to dart yourself

at a college gym that doesn't have many (read NO meatheads) and it's obvious when I'm on. But they don't say shit and probably shouldn't, little f$%cking squirrels. But for coworkers and other acquaintices, I usually try to "prepare" them prior "gonna be training heavy in about a month," "doubling my calories," "taking every supp I can find" and if I do get in a conversation, I'll throw in some nutrition/training double-talk to throw 'em off. But, still run into the occasional jagoff who just blurts right out, like we're best friends or something. It kills me, nobody asks outright if someone is doing coke, pot, etc. Nun-na Damn Bidness!