What was the first cycle you did


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What was your first cycle? I'm just curious, not going to use steroids for a few years now, but you can never be too educated.
10 weeks Sus 250 @ 500mg week, and 5 weeks of winny@ 60mg at the end, gained 30lbs. I'm on post cycle therapy now.
trendkill, how much eq were you doin each week. just curious cause i'm on my 2nd week of 400/mg week eq only cycle (first cycle).
Sust @ 500mg/wk for 10 weeks...finished last 4 weeks with primo @ 400mg/wk

Gained 15 lbs...lbm was great...kept almost all weight post cycle

Deca 400Mg/week 10 weeks (On week 7)
Dbol 1-6 weeks 30 Mg/Day
Test Prop 300Mg/Week Weeks 7-11

I am on week 7 now and have boatloads to learn. Wish I would of consulted with everyone here before I started. I made a few mistakes.

Anadrol, Suspension and Enth. OMG, did I swell. Could barely shave without my arms getting so full of blood and cramping. Gained 32lbs, kept 20. Everybody knew :D
Interesting post.
I did a 200mg primo/week for 6 week.
First and last week i did 100mg.

Gained 5lbs. All lean and kept it all. My head blew up like a baloon.
Only big misstake i paid 30$/amp. LOL...what a sucker i was

That was 3 years ago. Havent touch anything since. But i am doing the bowdump cycle, 500mg Susta 10 week and 50mg Winstrol the last 5 weeks. Hoping for some lean mass. So this will be my first REAL cycle without fuck ups.
sus [ the redijects, damn harpoons - ouch], primobolan, and primoteston ran it for 8 weeks. did not know shit about using. grew like a motherfucker though lol

bought the whole cycle for 150 dollars. man i miss those prices:(