Whats up with.......????????


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You guys ever heard of cnversionboard.com?????? THey had this section for dina and syno conversions and now I can't find them on the web, are they out of business????????? I got their link from this board. Any help would be appreciated.



I am banned!
I couldn't pull them up either?!?!?!?!

Hmmmmmmmm.....DangerousGrounds is a MOD there.

BUMP for him to see this!


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DO you think something might have happened to those guys????? Since you got the same issues as me with this and I am a newbie to the fina/syno game do you know of any forums like that that will give a good discussion to the how to's on the making of the fina and synovex??? I was doing my "studying" with these guys and now I don't have anything to go by, hope you can help me out. Thanks

:( :( :(