i need advice reguarding elderly couple !!!!!


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last week as i was coming from the market an elderly woman came to her door and frantically said " i really need your help. PLEASE " i was scared to enter her residence but felt the need to assist. her husband. all 5 foot four 350 plus lbs slipped out of his wheelchair and she needed me to pull him up. so i did and felt great being able to help. how ever i noticed he smelled bad of urine. though the apartment has an open concept there was no way for him to get around because of the arrangement. guys gals they have to be in their late 80's early 90's and they need help. i was tearfull when she said she trys to get her family to help but they don't come. i need to know what to do. they need a family service or resources for some kind of assistance. in my hood you mind your business and other than the church no one wants to be invasive. everyone i talk to says it's not my problem. what should i do.?
Can they afford in home care? You could get them some contacts. Can get certified nurses that show up on a schedule, whatever schedule you determine. Once a week? Twice a week? Every day?

If they can't afford it Can you? Could you help them pay for it for a little while?

If not, would you be willing to drop by there once a week and see if they need anything? Many elderly people just need someone to run to the drugstore or even just grocery store for their basic needs.

Aside from the above.......I don't know what you mean. Yes you should get them help or help them yourself. I understand your situation.

Good luck bro
thanks for the reply. i was concerned because that could be someone in your of my family. with so many shady people in the world you just don't show up to someone's door but i definitely will find a way to help in some manner. wish me luck. and again thanks.