When do you start cutting?


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I am doing my first cycle right now and was wondering if using the time on = time off thing applies if I wanted to cut my next cycle. Or will my body need more time to adjust to the new weight, in other words how long should I eat like a fatass to keep my newly attained weight once the cycle is over, 10 wks. (length of cycle), 6 months, year? Thanks.


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Eat like a horse for awhile then just see how you maintain your new body weight. Just make sure you don't drop your weight, then about 1-2 then cut if you want


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Start to eat cleaner then you were while you were bulking.. but keep up the protein at first and just drop that gradually "until you find out what is needed to maitain".. like Fatchops said..
You will find that you shed some of the fat even beofre you hit your cutting cycle.