Why can't I gain???


Ive been training for 7 yrs now, takin it very serious over the past 3 yrs. I am currently on my 4th cycle (test E/Tren ace.) I was reading a lot of the post on that thread "how much have you gained?" and realizing that the majority of people who cycle put on some major gains. Most of what I was reading, people were gaining anywhere from 10lbs-50lbs in a single cycle. Myself on the other hand, I dont seem to gain much at all. Im 188, decently sized and pretty ripped up. I train extremly hard, I lift a shit load of weight for my weight and size, I take in a minimum of 300g of protein a day, I am always changing up my routines, I do 20min of cardio and abbs everyday, etc... So i pretty much know exactly what I am doing, but what confuses me is that I dont put on weight. I know putting on weight and size comes from your diet, but I eat a shit load. I just read how much people gain on their cycles, and I am not even near that. granted I am very pleased with what I look like and I look better than 99.9% of the people in my gym, but I just dont get it. Does my body just not take well to anabolics or something? I do my post cycle therapy (pct) properly, I cycle properly, Im safe and healthy, I just dont freakin get it. What do you guys think???
Well I'd first advise you to post up your diet, and be 100% honest. There could be some mistakes your making. Then post your lifting routine. Hopefully your incorporating mostly compound lifts, not overtraining and getting enough sleep.

As for everyone else's gains.
1. You can't compare yourself to others, we all respond differently.
2. Half of those gains are water or bullshit IMO. People talk a lot.
3. You can't expect to put on 20lbs every cycle! If that were the case Pro's would be 600 or 700lbs!
I had better luck adding some weight by upping how much I ate..you might lose some def, but can add size..maybe trying eating more?
sounds like your training is pretty on so i'd be willing to say it is probably diet- like posted previously- post your diet, and be honest. it comes down to you taking in more than you burn up as far as gains go.
solcraft said:
sounds like your training is pretty on so i'd be willing to say it is probably diet- like posted previously- post your diet, and be honest. it comes down to you taking in more than you burn up as far as gains go.

Ok this is my diet usually mon-sat:

Wake up at 5am, 4g arginine, 20g protein shake, 5g glutamine, one large apple
Gym @ 5:30
Get home from the gym, immediatly: 40g protein shake, 5g glutamine, two rice cakes, one rounded table spoon of sugar and a glass of juice.
9:30am breakfast shake: 8-10 egg whites, 1/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup ovaltine, slash of skim milk, one scoop protein, dash of stevia
mid morning snack: 40g protein shake, hand full of almonds
12pm lunch: one can of tuna, one cup broccoli
2pm: two chkn breast, one cup broccoli
5pm dinner: two salmon patty's, one cup broccoli or a peice of fruit, small salad (dry)
8pm snack: one cup cottage cheese, celery and peanut butter
B4 bed: 40g casein protein shake

Thats my current diet (honest.) Now I do admit, i do only get an average of 5hrs of sleep a night, so I do know that, that effects my gains. Im not about to post up my training sched, #1 thad take forever, #2, i train extremly hard and proper, and I know theres no problem with my training. Anyway, thats my current diet.
That's around 2500 cals, are you cutting ? You certainly like your protein shakes, you get your protein but it's not exactly wholesome food...if you ate REAL food...steak, potatoes, vegies...something like a beef stew..man I feel hungry just looking at your medicaly precise diet.

I can't believe you work out on that breakfast, I'd drop dead ...5.30am, 5hours fasting, then workout! It looks like catabloic hell for your poor body and then you only get some decentish nosh 3hrs later.

Eat like a beast and you will grow like one.....
I know you hear this over and over...and theres a reason.

EAT EAT EAT. If you want to get bigger, you need to eat bigger. Food is the most anabolic thing you can put in your body. Training simply singals the cells to grow. Hormones turn on the green light for that growth, but you cant grow without some nutrients to facilitate the process.

Your macro timing and overall kcals are wacky.
right now u are basicly maintaining, try 5500-6000 cals a day for 2 stright months, cut the cardio out and stop doing abs everyday. do u want a trunk for a torso?
hey, you also said you're doing 20 minutes of cardio everyday? If you wanna get big, i'm thinking you need to cut back on that shit...and like everyone else said..eat some more food dude
I'd personally keep the cardio in but only do 2-3 sessions a week of no more then 30mins, a healthy heart and cardio will help you train harder when it comes to the weights.
Ya man, cut out the cardio. That was my problem, I loved to run everyday but i wasn't posting up any gains. I always eat a shitload. After I stopped running I gained like 40 lbs. I just started again like a month and a half ago and some of the weight is coming off, but not as fast as i put it on. You will lose some of your cuts, but that is what you have to sacrifice if you want to get big.

your calories are limiting your growth and please throw some red meat in there lol .
ok guys, thanks for the info. Looks like I have a few changes to make in my diet. its true, I do concentrate on this picture perfect diet, and I guess thad be important if i was a pro, but Im not. I am defently a good size and extremly lean, id just like to get a bit bigger and keep my leaness. Ive always pretty much dieted the same (very strick) and I can look back over the yrs, esspeically at me one yr ago, and there is HUGE difference from my body then as to what it is now. So if i kept everything the same, id imagine that id still get grain size gains with keeping my leaness, it would just take me a lot longer. As it has taken me 7 yrs to get to the point where I am at right now. When I 1st started training, i weighed in 130 soaking wet. I am starting to do quite a bit of fitness modeling, so it is important for me to stay extremly lean and keep my abbs, so I will cut my cardio from 20min ed, to 15min eod, and abbs everyday. I will also increase my calorie intake to around 5500. I appriciate the advice
if you are modeling then you need to be ready to go on short notice...bulking all out on 6000 kcal is going to fuck you up.

i would recommend something much more moderate like 3500 and leave in the cardio. your fat gains will be very very small this way and nothing that a few weeks of cutting wont fix. Try 3500 for a couple monthes and try to put on about 5lbs in that time. the guys that gain 20lbs gain a lot of fat...ive done it. i bulked up on 5500 and went from 190 to 234 on cycle and its taken me 4 monthes to cut back down to a good looking 205.

dont ruin your physique and carreer by bloating up.
DADAWG said:

your calories are limiting your growth and please throw some red meat in there lol .

Red meat is what cave man consumed, and cave man killed mammoths with there bare hands!!
Deepglute said:
If I were in your situation, I would be going to McDonalds every day and enjoying it!

well its a good thing your not me. cause thats the last thing id be doing
Lucky13 said:
Red meat is what cave man consumed, and cave man killed mammoths with there bare hands!!

oh come on bro, we all know that cave men used tanks and machine guns to take out the mammoths, then the used their lazers to cut the meat off, cook over the BBQ and consume. A few push ups here, a few pull ups there....those guys were huge.
Sorry to come to this thread late. You need to eat way more! Your healthy eating shows great discipline, but add in some burgers, pizzas, pasta etc and you will likely make some great gains while on test. Please give it a try and give us your progress report.