Winny Tabs How good???


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Just wondering what everyone thinks about Winstrol (winny) tabs? A few of my buddies are looking to cut up for the summer... looking into 6 weeks of Winstrol (winny) tabs at 1 (50 mg thai tabs) per day. So that would be 350mg worth of tabs each week for 6 weeks. You think results will be decent? they are also using some clen 1 week on 1 week off... but what do you think of the Winstrol (winny) tabs for 6 weeks at 1 tab a day???

winstrol alone aint gonna do much at all you have too add something like an injectable, maby some propanate ,fina, or some tren if you wanna cut up, and you should be running the clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.
"fina, or some tren" :rolleyes:

id definatlely run something else with it, pref test. if your taking one 50 mg tab a day split it in half or quarters and take spread out throughout the day. they are scored so they break pretty clean into halves at least. never tried quartering them.
i will be running some Winstrol (winny) and ten for cotest prep. im going to be using 50mg Winstrol (winny) tabs at 1 a day. im thinking of tossing in some EQ with it also
Get some deca in there for the joints, and either fina or prop. I would also do some clen every 2 weeks or xenadrine straight through.
RoadHouse said:
How about Finaplix-H, Finaplix-TH, tren, parabolan, and even some trenebolone?:insane2:

bro, you cant do that stack without component th, it wouldnt be right. i heard that eql trembolone was good shit too in a cycle like that