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I'm thinking of starting a Winstrol (winny) cycle. I hope to make moderate gains and get ripped up. Thought about stacking with test but not looking to bloat up. I don't want to retain water and get all bloated. Only looking to add about 7 lbs a lil strength and get more ripped...Thoughts?
ep3smoker said:
everyones going to tell you not to start with just a Winstrol (winny) cycle.

True...most everyone here will. However I personally have seen good results on Winstrol (winny) 75mg everyday for six weeks stacked with clen along with a strict diet and cardio. Expect only limited gains though.
From this board written and posted by a Mod. Good to look around and read:
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(Credit: Todd)

Frequently Asked Questions
These are a few questions that commonly appear on message forums, hopefully by posting this we can limit the number that appears in this forum.

1) "What are the potential side effects of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) use by teenagers?"
Teenagers have a very unstable endocrine system; the slightest amount of steroids will affect it greatly. The use of steroids during puberty will definitely stunt your growth. Steroids will close the epiphysials (growth plates) in your bones, causing them to stop growing. So the height you are at when you start juicing will be the height you are at for the rest of your life. Also, steroid use during adolescence can potentially cause impotence and infertility, so if you want to be able to have kids, or even just plain old have sex when you get older you better think twice before injecting that needle or popping that tab!

2) "I found an online pharmacy that says it is legal to order anabolic steroids from there, is this true?"
Definitely not! If you live in the United States, it is illegal to use, buy, sell, or possess steroids. Do not believe any "internet pharmacy" that says it is legal. Most of these pharmacies are run by feds who are looking for some stupid newbie to come along and order something with their home address using their credit card.

3) "If I use steroids, I can slack off in the gym and still get huge."
This is a common misconception with uneducated lifters who are looking to juice. Steroids are not a shortcut! Steroids simply increase the rate of protein synthesis in the body, which is useless unless you are forcing your muscles to use protein for repair. Also, by increasing protein synthesis you obviously need to take in more protein to be synthesized! Amateur lifters should not use steroids, experienced lifters who have a very solid foundation of muscle and cannot achieve much more naturally should only use steroids.

4) "I'll start my cycle now, and in a few weeks when I need my other package, it would have already came in."
Never start a cycle until you have all the gear needed to complete the cycle. I always recommend people to order a little extra of whatever they are using, just incase a vial breaks or some other mishap occurs. These are your hormones, and by stopping abruptly in the middle of a cycle can severely damage your endocrine system! Also, you should have all necessary anti-estrogens and post cycle recovery. If gyno starts to appear, and you do not have any anti-estrogen, it's going to be too late before you get some.

5) "I do not want to inject, is it ok if I run Dianabol at 40mg/day for 10 weeks?"
No, oral cycles are not the way to go for a number of reasons. For one, they are very hard on the liver. Any type of 17aa steroid, Dianabol, Anadrol, Winstrol, etc. should not be run for any longer than 6 weeks. Another reason for needing injectibles is due to the half-life of orals, which is very short. The half-life for Dianabol is 4-6 hours; this means that after coming off of a high dosage one day, the next day you are at next to nothing. This is very hard on the endocrine system, and you will not be able to retain much of the gains after the cycle is over.

6) "What is a good beginner's cycle?"
The following cycle is what I like to recommend to any newbie asking for a sample bulking cycle. It will allow for great gains in mass and strength, along with letting the user learn how well his body reacts to juice.

Weeks 1-8:
500mg Sustanon250/week
400mg Equipoise/week
Weeks 1-4:
30mg Dianabol/day

Make sure you have arimidex or proviron on hand during the cycle, and Nolvadex and/or Clomid for post-cycle.

6) "I know that I should inject in places like glutes, thighs, delts, but where exactly do I inject?" will answer all of your questions on this topic.

7) "I do not feel comfortable walking into my local pharmacy and asking for needles, is there any place online that I can order them?"
Yes, http://www.*******.com has pretty much any size you could think of and are very cheap and quick!

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me or any of the other mods on the site.
Yeah I just don't want to blow up. I've done cycles before: Sust 250, and some others, all gave me the bloated up look. I'm thinking the Winstrol (winny) by itself will help me acheive my goal. I already have a decent physique just want a lil extra...
My first Cycle

My first cycle was just Winstrol (winny) for 7 weeks at 50mg. I had a extensive diet and rigourse work out routine. I ate alot of protein (350g)+ and kept fat and cals low and only clean carbs. I ran 10mi a week. I came off with a clen cycle along with runing and I kept 10 1/2. Pounds out of the 12 that i gained once i started runing more and runing the clen with it after i was over. I liked it. I gained noticable size and lost a substantial amount of body fat. Im unsure of your physque and your goals seem similiar to mine so it might not be a bad idea.
here is my advice for you, if you have any joint problems THEN DONT FCUK WITH Winstrol (winny) BECAUSE YOUR JOINTS WILL FUCKING KILL YOU AND YOU WILL REGRET IT, JUST ME I KNOW FIRST HAND
I'm no expert but have done 2 cycles where Winstrol (winny) was involved at the end. I personally don't like it...hurts my lower back, I think my bf is too high to see any results, have to inject all the time...I won't use it again. Just my opin.
bad on hairline 2wks in and i had hair cloggin' up the drain

Yea i agree and i ever sprained my wrist for 3 months because of the combined effect of dry joins and immense strength gains from Winstrol (winny) ran alone oral at 40mg ED.

And my experience: i gained 3 kg of hard muscle but as for quality, the hardness subsided after i discontinued it and i lost more than i gained. Test gave me more permanent gains. I am off cycle for 4 weeks, did a post cycle therapy (pct) with clomid and held on to my weight gained from a heavy test cycle.
Take some arimidex w the test so you dont get bloated up. I dont get why everyones so scared of water retention it helps you put on muscle.