working out twice a day routine help.. on gear ;) constructive info/critique plz


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Monday off
Tuesday am: legs pm: Shoulders Traps(shrugs)
Wednesday am: chest pm: Tri's forearms
Thursday am: Back/traps pm: Biceps's
Friday off
Saturday am: shoulders pm: Chest
Sunday am: arms pm: Back/traps

going to be doing
1-12 test-e
1-10 tren-e
1-5 50mg dbol ed
5-10 anavar.. not to sure what dosage to do yet..

edit: going to do 1000calorie surplus
I would scratch this whole routine, no need for am/pm workouts. If you work at a high intensity you'll be overtraining big time! Also, you never want to have a heavy back day where your burning up your bi's and then coming back later that day for a bi workout. Same with shoulders then chest later on. I highly recommend going back to the drawing board and starting all over again.
Two session day training is a great method. But the only time it works is when you are on juice and have a great diet. This is how Arnold trained and he has a lot of good things to say about it.

Your break down is fine but you are training your arms way too much and I wouldn't do shoulder and chest am-pm.

Your cycle looks nice. how does this sound: test E 14/w 230-350mg, tren E 8/w 400-500mg, dbol 50mg weeks 1-4, Var weeks 6- 11. Don't forget the Aromatase inhibitor (AI) and caber on hand.
i wouldn't do two a days just because you are on gear. keep it simple, go hard. also if you are gonna stick with a two a day split, you don't want to work the assisting muscle later on that day. if you work back in the am, work tris in pm. chest in the am, then work bis pm. legs am, shoulders pm. that's just a basic template. if you're really gonna do this then do some major research and figure your split out. if you are better in the morning then you want to go heavy in the morning, light in the evening. so say monday is chest in the am, go heavy and hit bis light in the pm. now by the time you cycle back to chest you should do it light and do bis heavy, that means switching them to chest pm and bis am. coming up with a cycle like this is going to take some work and you'll need to write it out on a calender or something so you don't get fucked up. but yeah man i would just stick to a once a day workout 4 days a week, focus on your big heavy compound lifts, anything that isn't a compound lift should be assisting your compound lifts. pick them smartly, don't just pick leg extensions because you like them.... what the fuck is it really doing for you?