workout questions?


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could you guys please give me some good workout program?
i dont like what iam doing know and i want to change it up a little'
right now iam doing:

wed-off day
sat-off day
sun-off day
i dont want to overtrain and of course i dont want to hurt myself!
i just want to put on some nice mass/size and have fun with it...
i start my cycle very soon so i want to have a workout plan before i start...
21 years old,230lb,6'2 and i dont know my bf%...
look up doggcrap training in the search. I am doing it and loving it. strength has gone through the roof. I started out at 195 and now a leaner 205. Plus i am taking 1 g of eq a week. I have been doing this work out for about four weeks. bench up 40lbs for reps is an example.
Need size has a great routine. Do a search on the 5x5 program.

After you read and understand it I would suggest this:

Monday: chest bb or db bench 5x5
chest db fli's 2 sets of 10
back bent over rows 5x5
one arm db row 2 sets of 10

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: Tri's close grip bench 5x5
Tri's dips 2 sets of 10
Tri's skullcrushers 2 sets of 10
Bi's Straight bar curl 5x5
Bi's preacher bench 3 sets of 10

Thursday: Legs Squats 5x5

Friday: Shoulders BB or DB military 5x5
do side and front laterals for 3 sets of 10
up right rows 2 sets of 10

Good program to start with. Make mods as needed.