yj's nuts are the perfect supp for feli fly

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I am banned!
yes its true. recently these two homos started using each others nut sweat as a supp. they both found no results but continue to practice this horribly gay ritual nightly, in the cmfort of yj's home. what a bunch of silly faggots. i mean could you imagine the conversation they must of had?

(yj) "dude i got an idea! "

feli fly " oh yeah man, whats that?

(yj) " you lick the sweat off my nuts and say its a pro hormone!

feli fly " ok man "

you two faggots should come to so cal so you can get beat on!
you know on second thought, ill call a truce. because yj and feli are taking pro hormones, so if i tried to run over them in my ford f 250 they might rip thru it with all the strength from there 1 ad cycles! you faggots need to get beat! pls come to so cal!

thank you
Not open for further replies.