yohimbine question


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what is the highest safe dose of this stuff that I can run? I have the NYC+ stack, which has 2.75mg per tab in it, along with nor ephedrine, caffiene. Right now I am running them at 3 per day, but I also have a bottle of 6mg yohimbine tabs as well, so I was thinking of throwing in another 1-2 of those per day as well.

Also, whats the longest you want to run this stuff for and still get results? I was thinking alternating it between this stack and the plain ECA stack, as well as clen and dnp
15mg is the maximum i would go. makes me feel like im bouncing off the walls if i ever tried to push the envelope with more.

cycle it on and off, i liked to do NYC 2weeks,2weeks off, Clen 2 weeks, Eca 2weeks, 2 weeks off, Clen 2 weeks, and if i could handle it finish with dnp.
Natty is right. More than that and i cant sleep at all. Just like clen two weeks on two weeks off.
Yohimbine is excellent on your off days to your other fat burners. I wouldn't suggest much more than 15mg a day either. You'd be freakin wired, not to mention really sweaty....lol! I know some guys that use it a long with their ECA stack and then they use Clen on the off days. Works well both ways though. I just find for me, taking the Yohimbine along with the ECA stack is a little strong for me.
Excellent for helping to burn off those love handles!
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Yohimbine works well with clen. It extends the time it will remain effective to around 5 weeks, much like ketofin will. That and it helps get you ripped up :)