You HAVE to look at this...

So what you'll be competing against is pretty much who's got the better genetics. And this guy looks like he's around 30.
Honestly guys, who the FUCK cares how old he looks like, I dont think he looks that old neither do I care, since when did bodybuilding become facial?
I don't think his genetics are particularly impressive at all.

His size is amazing, he's extremely lean as well but that has nothing to do with genetics. Take a look at Jay cutler when he was that age - and many pro's for that matter. They looked better than this guy.

I'm not trying to take anything away from him - that's unreal for 21. And it's not because of his genetics guys, it's because he started training and juicing from a young age. Muscle takes time to put on, period. Yes some put in on faster than others, but it's not like he started the same time as you and me and grew 3x as fast - I'm sure he's been at it for a while already.
outlawtas2 said:
I don't think his genetics are particularly impressive at all.

I think people nowadays put to much at genetics and not to all the fucking hard work and dedication it takes to get anywhere.
I get that over here to "oh you must have great genetics" Fuck that I give it my all and nothing less, never.

When one becomes pro thats when genetics start counting somewhat. But still hard work will take you to wherever you want.
It must have went something like this

"son for you 13th birthday i got you something special"......"Testosterone and trenbolone dont need your wheeties"

i would also like to know when he started cycling there no way he could be natty
It's really not "hard" - all it takes is dedication. I guarantee you that if I stayed on for 2 years straight, dropped outta school and got an average full-time job I would be able to look just as good (if not better) than him in 2 years (and I'd only be 22). All I would have to really worry about was training...but that's not the path I want to go down and the same goes for most of us.

The only thing that seperates us from them is dedication. He decided to take this shit fucking serious, where as most of us take it semi seriously putting things like our school, job and family first.

Props to him for the dedication.
True its being able to have the life where you can dedicate your time to be able to do got to get your priorties lined up and figure out what you want to do....
LiftTillIDie said:
I think you are out of your mind with this statement.

Have you seen Jay or Branch at age 19? They blow this guy outta the water. There was a vid posted of it recently, I think in the pro forum.

BTW, I'm comparing his genetics to pro's, not my own.