YOUR CALVE ROUTINE: Raisins or Watermelons


Mini B
I do calves 2 X wk. 6 sets locked out, 6 sets seated. Still harboring raisins here. What is your workout?
I've got pretty good calves. I train them twice a week, heavy. But I attribute my calves more to having good genetics (thanks dad). :D
I hit calves once a week for about 8 total sets, heavy weight 6-10 reps. calves are good, not great, but good.

Try explosive movements on during the lift.....lower it slowly and explode up again. Changed my workouts out a lil......btw, i have chicken legs. Since i stopped playing hockey regularly they lost MUCH size.
i have decent calves to be 6' 4 . i just now started working out agian from a long lay off but have veins coming visble on the front of them. 3xweek seated 3-4 sets , leg press 3-4 set all at 25 reps.
I train mine once a month at the most.:D Last measurement they were 18.25" and sharp. Ok, thats my only genitic gift so I had to rub it in a little.
never train them specifically, and if i do its once a month. They measure a hair over 17 3/4....i would venture to say that is genetics though.
natty said:
never train them specifically, and if i do its once a month. They measure a hair over 17 3/4....i would venture to say that is genetics though.

Fucker!!!! I train my calves 3x week and I do a total of 8-10 sets and I still got Rasins......go figure.
yeah bro sorry to tell ya, if there is one muscle that I think is almost entirely genetic it is the calves. I only train my calves during cardio, and I am at a solid 18in. Razor sharp, but that is the only part of my body that is razor sharp, ony wish the rest of my body could catch up to my legs.!!!
Yup, I got 18" calves and usually don't train them. The incline treadmill is enough calve pump for Yes, genetics are the key here.

IMPORTANT: Train straight legged (standing) before bent legged (seated). Seated raises actually target your soleus muscle, which is underneath your calve muscle. If you fatigue this muscle, you don't get the best contraction for your gastrocnemius (calve) muscle.
Im scared to even measure mine. Its my weakest bodypart. I trained them every which way, but they wont respond. Its hard to get motivated for them. I stopped training them altogether because of complete frustration. I have fairly big and defined quads for my size and age, yet when i wea shorts, people think im one of those upper body only trainers. Ive debated spot injections, but im really scared of calve injection, i dotn know why, im one of thos carzy mofos that have tried every kind of injection. Traps, Lats, rear tris, frotn and rear delts, chest, teardrop on quads you name it, i probaly injected there. I guess i could go flex wheeler and stick some synthol in there, or like that dork on MTV and get implants.
if you can find a good suspension producer I'd try those on the calves bro. Maybe that and some winny.... just make sure its top grade or you'll be walking pretty damn gingerly.haha
Yeah, genetics most definitely play a big part when it comes to calf development. I've seen skinny little cross country runners with enourmous calves at about 110 lbs. I'm aware of the fact that long-distance running does stress the calf muscles, but come on!! The kid NEVER did any resistance training for his calves, ever. Made me sick.
GymChic said:
I train calves once a week - 2 exercises - 4 sets each (heavy) - My calves measure a little over 16" - not too shabby for a girl

Hell, that ain't too bad for a guy, either!! Nice job GC!