10 days to lose 5-10 pds around mid-section?

Chicago Made

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Is it possible w/out gear?

I've got a big event coming up in 10 days and I've been trying to lose a little something around the midsection but it's been rough.

Any suggestions?

My confliction is I'm on my 1st cycle of Test (bulking) and don't know if my "Night Power" shakes 30 minutes b4 bed are not helping or what.

I realize 10 days is shit, but figured I'd ask the more knowledgeable.

What's the fastest you've trimmed the gut and how'd you do it?


just do a million crunches and leg raises before this event or whatever and it will look like youve lost weight from the mid section because it will all pop out and be ripped(more so than otherwise at least).
edit: and run/swim
Now of course there will be some carbs, really can't avoid them with shakes and all, but what about that?

Nothing but chicken, egg whites, salmon (other fish as well), lean beef, shakes and water. Pretty fucking boring, but it's only for ten days.