1st time T3 user like to know dosing schedule


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Ive been reading quite a bit about T3 and there seems to be alot of different opinions on dosages for a first timer...can anyone offer a dosing shedule... Im 5'6" 180 13%bf have been training for 5-6 yrs..have done 4 solid cycles...Am currently on TREN/PROP/WINNI.....Thanks


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t3 is not a drug to mess around with. if you over do it you can turn a full hard physique into a stringy and flat physique. i woul run t3 no longer than 8 weeks. start off at 12.5mcg and work you way up to 50 mcg in increments of 12.5. you should not rely on the t3 to help you get shredded. it is all in the diet and cardio. the t3 is just going to help you break through your fat loss plateaus that you will get when trying to achieve that ripped hard physique. try to space out the doses


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IMO t3 is best run for 6 weeks with a 6 week cycle. I hate to diet longer than that. I believe ppl exaggerate how dangerous t3 is (just wait..they'll all come out) start at 25mcg and work your way up to 100mcg (upping the dose every few days). Pyramiding up is worthless IMO, pyramiding down is everything. The only reason I'm telling you to pyramid up is just to see if you have any type of negative reaction from it. Once at the 100mcg dose, I would stay there for a while, then slowly drop it down until you're off. Next cycle, dont bothering tapering up slowly...use 50mcg for 2 days then bump it to 100 (IMO again)


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Ramp up as r2e said then take about 2 weeks to ramp down. You should read Nandi's article an T3 too.