7.5 Dbol EOD for athletics


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I will be running an avg. 7.5 Dbol a day for 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off for several months. I know this sounds trival for many of the the boards members, but for Track it will be effective.
I want to run a Anti-Side.

What should I run? I was thinking 10mg Nolvadex EOD.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


do what?
I'd get blood work pre, during, and post if it were me along with monitoring blood pressure. It would only be guess work what you would need to take for sides and who knows how you will react. You may need little ancillaries, you may need to stop the cycle, who knows.


7.5 ? Mg or tabs, and if tabs, what mg... What mg/day are you taking.

And why do you think doing that would be good for track?


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When i run on dbol i get unbearable pumps in my calves and lower back. However, at that dosage that might not be a problem.


time to break out the old eastern block doping charts


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5mg Thai pink tabs.
5mg day one
10mg day two
Alternating 5-10-5-10 for 3 weeks.
3 weeks on 3 weeks off.
Why for Track?...

All I need is a little something to continue making Linear Gains(Progress).

I'm really just concerned about Gyno.


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run some adex, or aromasin at a low dosage if needed then have your nolva there if you want. I dont see any bloat whatsoever from that dosage though bro. good luck


Aboot said:
Those dosages ain't going to do shit, including giving you gyno.

What he said.
That is basically just fucking youre own hormones up. I would make better gains natural then on that dose.
Also, with youre apparent lack of knowlagde you should be no where near steroids.