adding to my cycle.


sean usmc

ok heres the deal im on test ethan 375 and decca 200 i just have 1 week left of the anadrol it ok i intriduce SUST to my equasion now so it will be sust 250 test enan and decca 200mg..sound good and were should i squeeze the sust in
yeah funny i just read a bit on this sust it has all the test. in it..hmmm gonna change my mind what do you go along with the other 2.thanks
Why do you feel the need to add anything? The testosterone and deca should just now start showing noticeable results. I wouldn't worry about adding anything at this point.
sean usmc said:
yeah funny i just read a bit on this sust it has all the test. in it..hmmm

What's "funny" is you are planning to inject substances into your body that you have absolutely no idea about. I continue to be amazed by these things I read
ok cool thanks so i will continue JUST the test enanthate 375 and the decca 200 sound good or like skinny said through tren in there too
HEY STONE.i hav'nt done it yet i do alot of reaserch before hand and it seems to me its pointless to add sust now.i just HEARD.i can which i doubted a little but wanted to check it out first...k
just gotta add one more

Even though i'm a big fan of tren, I have to go against this one. Drol, deca, and test already, and probably for about four weeks on your cycle(you didn't say, so I'm just guessing). Tren won't help you alot at this point.

I like to add tren at the begining of my cycle but thats a different controversy.

If your set on adding another compound.(sometimes you just can't help yourself) i would do one of two things;
1. Add Winstrol (winny) for the last 4-6 weeks to cut up some of the mass you have gained
or...(some will say this is a waste but i do it to good effect)
2. add test prop the last 2-4 weeks of your cycle. Why?! Many will ask.

I do it to raise my test levels quickly and really top off my cycle with a bang.
This adds extra mass and strength when your body has gotten used to the test levels of enan.
Prop does not make you more cut than enan like some people will claim. Prop does the same as enan, just quicker and more intense.

This is what I do. I'm not gonna search for scientific data to back myself up.
I'm just telling you this is what I do and it works for me.