Anavar Cycle - First Cycle


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Ok I said I wasn't going to do a log but maybe someone will find it useful, I'm 4 weeks in already so whatever

Starting weight 190lbs
Current weight 200lbs
Total Gains/Loss +10lbs ( put this on after 14days no increase since then )
BF% 10-12
Height 5ft 10"
3 years Natty


- Anavar @ 50mg ED ( 30mg AM 20mg PM ) ( 6-8 Weeks )

Vitamin Suppliments:

- Vitamin C @ 1000mg ED
- Vitamin E @ 300mg ED
- Cod Liver Oil @ 2000mg ED
- Garlic Tabs @ 1200mg ED ( Good for the heart and BP but fucking disgusting )
- MSM @ 1600mg ED ( Good for joints and hair growth )
- Glucosamine Sulphate @ 500mg ED ( Good for joints )
- Milk Thistle @ 200mg 2xED ( Looks after the liver sides from Var )
- Peppermint Oil @ 150mg 2xED ( helps digestion of Anavar )

Anti Hairloss Suppliments:

- Proscar ( Propecia ) @ 1.25mg ED ( GSK $40 for 30x5mg Pills )
- Dutiseride @ .5mg ED ( Dr Reddys $120 for 180x.5mg pills )
- Nizoral Shampoo @ Wash&Go 2xED
- Spironolactone @ 1200mg mixed into Nizoral Shampoo 2xED


Diet is pretty clean, 6-8 meals a day with 250g protein and 3500cals


Mon - Arms/Chest @ 1hr
Tues - Cardio @ 30mins
Wed - Shoulders/Back @1hr
Thur - Legs/Cardio @45/15mins split
Fri - Rest
Sat - Loop to Mon and repeat

This may look like I'm over training but I always get results this way, I get my rest on the 30min cardio days.

Personal Note:
I've had 10g of Var for quite some time but not started the cycle, at the begining of the year I suffered serious CO poisoning and ended up in hospital, this damaged my heart and my BP was very high along with lots of other heath problems. This put a hold on me starting any cycles and it also restricted which steroids due to high BP being life threatening for me. Since Var was a low side steroid this is why I picked it.

I have before pictures and will take after pictures I will post these once the cycle is over.

The most important thing during this cycle for me is hairloss and keeping my BP down, I plan to use this cycle for lean gains only, I want to tighten up and improve the shape I have, any weight gain from muscle is an extra bonus but not expected....after all this is pussy girl var we are talking about... RIGHT ABOOT :D
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Week 1:

Like an idiot I thought the Var would kick in straight away, I stomped into the gym, strapped up... and......and well nothing much happened :D Nope nadda nothing if anything I was weaker!

Well that was week one...great huh!
Week 2:

Ok nice! Noticed my muscles seem to feel like rock, I also seem to be a little edgy and inpatient....been tapping and jiggling my leg like mad...I'm pumping up well in the gym, still no strength increase but I feel much stronger...wierd...

My endurance seems to have doubled I'll hit the gym for an hour racing to each machine and then bounce out the gym like nothings happened! My clothes are starting to feel tighter... on one occassion I swelled up uncontrollably for about 6hours and looked huge...everyone was telling me to calm down and if I was "ON" anything....I just laughed and shrugged it off. Girlfriend remarked my 6 pack is teh most defined it's ever been...I don't think I've lost weight off my midsection and just put this comment down to the fact when I tense my muscles they seem to turn to stone....I startingto really like this Var but BP is rising fast and with the excess energy I have I'm feeling like punching holes in walls!
Im on it now. Very mild drug... Best tacked with test imo
Week 3

Ok bad! Ended up at the doctors with very high BP 160/110, my chest felt like it was going to explode, I had a constant pump on that wouldn't go down and I was veeeery agitated unable to sleep and felt desperate to get rid of this excess energy! It was 3am and I just wanted to be in the gym! gym! gym! gym!

Doctor has prescribed me valium 2mg, I've come of the cycle and am feeling better with each day that passed..thankgod var only has a 8hr half life!!!!

3 days later I am desperatly missing the Var, I loved the pumps and the rock feeling it gives, infact I'm missing it so much I've gone back on with 20mg ED 10mg AM and 10mg PM...I'll see how my body copes and see if I can up teh dose slowly...I'm also popping the valium like there smarties :D

BP is looking steady but I can feel the var kicking in again, I read up on valium and it looks liek it can slow gains due to numbing the also made me an f-ing retard!!

I'm feeling stronger then ever now and I can't believe 20mg ED is doing anything, weights are going up nicely in the gym...I had been at a plateau for over 6months, every time I tried to raise the weights I could feel twinges in my joints and tendons..var is definately increasing my strength and my tendons and joints feel like steel.

Endurance is through the roof, I'm able to run none stop with a very low heart rate, I'm getting painful pumps in my shin muscles but that little muscle can go fuck itself if it thinks i'm stopping.

week 3: day 4

Holy crap got a lower back pump today that caused me to have to lie down on the threadmill, I must have looked a right wierdo. I've heard of this but WTF i'm only taking 20mg ED.

Just finished my chest and arms workout, feeling seriously strong and weights have gone up again, getting some good comments in teh gym and I people are suspecting I'm on something, my veins are popping out all over my shoulders and I'm looking more cut then I've ever been.

I'm tempted to up the var dose but as I type this my heart is feeling real bad, I've got a pain in my arm and getting some good palpitations. I havn't popped a valium for a few days now and I'm going to try other relaxation methods to lower my BP...fuck this fing BP!!!!
Nice to read... keep it coming... on Var also, in my second week now, 50 mg. Not edgy, no high BP.
Combined it with Testo... and man... I look in the mirror each morning and it scares me!

I'd like to see how you progress...
Consider combining it with Testo. Supposedly a combination that builds good qulity muscle...
Seems to work for me so far.
Re th pump... don't eat anything that is rough to chew on... your chewing muscles in your temples will get a pump... looks really silly :)
ha ha yeah I know the feeling I was laughing the other day and i got a pump in the back of my head :-0
hey outlaw, i chose var because of it's low sides on hairloss I've also gotta be real careful with my BP as I have an underlying heart condition.
Mental workout today...I was pretty pumped before I'd even lifted a single weight! Just thinking about lifting weights seems to fill my muscles with blood.

I've increased my strength on my lat pulldowns, I sat down with the normal setting and went WTF I've set it wrong this is too easy.

Pumps are getting reeeeal painfull, feels like someone is hitting me with a hammer!

Diet wise I've been eating real clean and upped my protein intake to 300g a day and cut back a little on the carbs, taking a look in the mirror it really appears to be helping lean me out, my muscles look dry and veins are splitting out all over my shoulders..nice :D

This var really seems to be helping me sleep, even old niggling injurys seem to be disappearing infact just getting out the car I'm quicker and more efficient hell I'm not even old but it feels like this stuff has made me 10years younger :D

Can't wait till my next gym session :D :D :D
I haed those back pumps when i was on winstrol my last cycle. they suck as i couldnt even sleep cuz it hurt to lie down certain ways. What helped me to get rid of them was 2 things. I went to a Chiropractor, for some reason i think that really helped my back pumps feel better. Also, ice it for about 20 to 30 minutes after your workouts. I fucking hate back pumps they blow ass, i coulndn't even sit through class for 50 minutes cuz it made my back hurt really bad. P.S. muscle relaxants or something that is going to help you go to sleep like nyquil at night. It still hurt but i passed out from being so tired cuz the nyquil.
Incredible just had an amazing workout, I'm up in strength again...this time dumbbell presses...I had been stuck for over 12months on this one..each time I tried to raise it my shoulders would creak and wobble...I could feel tendons practicley snapping...But on this occassion some guy had my max weight and I though "Hey what the fuck I'll give it a go"...whoomp straight up no problems and pumped out 3 sets of 8 like it was helium balloons :D soon as the set was over I caught a look in the mirror and holy cow I was pumped up like the Michelin Man, some guy did a double take as he walked past I could see his brain saying what the fuck! :D

My T shirt has officially stopped fitting me now..I brought it 2 years ago and wear the same old shit to the gym, I ain't no fashion gym guru...a washed out tank top and moldy trainers is my outfit :D

Hell I jumped on teh scales and I'm 4lbs up on last week, I'm a bit hesitant to believe this as I was drinking shed loads or water today...but then I always do...I don't want to believe it so I'll hold on till tomorrow and weigh myself again to be sure...I'm trying to make this a clean bulk so I'm being pretty strict with my diet, If this is a gain I'd love to think this might be all muscle but I think it's impossible to gain this much in 1 week...maybe it's 50/50 or just some dodgy scales...who knows tomorrow will tell!

Well thats it for now but hell am I chuffed, 3 years hard ass training and I've never had gains like this, I look fwd to my workouts like it's Christmas morning, It's really hard not to overtrain, I just want to live in the gym or drop to the floor and pump out some pushups...I'm full of energy and err.. well I'd probably shag a dog if it sniffed my leg :devil2:
Ok a mixed bunch for my workout today.

Workout was tuff, painfull pumps are now up in pain from pounding hammers to chopping axe's :D I'm also getting some nasty cramps if I tense the muscles right after an excercise...although this may be down to diet as I've heard for example high potassium levels can give cramps...

On the good side as mentioned on teh post directly above I am definately up 4lbs, I even cut down on water and food instake over the last 24hrs to make sure this weight gain was legit...and it is :D

Strength is up again on the lat pulldowns, I'm now pulling my natty max weight with ease, hell I use it to warm up :D Prob is my fingers can't hang on and the fucker slammed down...fuck I gotta get some straps fast!

Got another compliment in the gym and then another from a sexi lesbian ha ha maybe I can turn her :D
Remember this is for 20mg ED var so don't expect the hulk here :D

All excercises 3x8-12reps, I don't do max lifts for risk of injury.

Dumbell press's up 4kg
Lat Pulldowns up 20kg
Barbell Press up 10kg
Dumbell Curls up 5kg
Leg Press up 40kg

I'd been static for over 6 months so these increases were much appeciated :D
Thx mate I'm personly loving this cycle, I trained so hard for so many years...My mates would be out on the lash, sleeping in, eating like shit...I'd be eating healthy in the gym working my ass off and crawling out of bed in the morning with aches and pain...this cycle is like a reward for all my hard work :D

People might scoff at a 5kg raise in my dumbell curls but I'm getting as much enjoyment out of lifting it as the 20stone fat slob does eating a cream cake :D

I'm going to find it real tuff to come of this cycle but it's my first so I've got plenty more to look fwd too :D
I don't know about my actual test levels ( no blood work yet ) but my libido is more then doubled...I've heard DHT which Var is an analog of is very important to sex drive...

I was worried with teh low dose I was running it would be enough to suppress my own test and then the var on it's own woudn't be enough such probs sex drive and gains are looking solid :D
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