BDL Products


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Looking for some feedback on BDL Products, especially EQ,Deca, Test Enanthate. Anyone use them? How did you like them?

BDL make good stuff. A little overpriced in my opinion, but good stuff non the less. I am getting ready to start his GH soon.
Injectable Anavar (var) sounds good. I tried the Tren/Deca and Tren/EQ, it was good, i had tren cough every damn injection.
welcome bro

i am on there eq and enanthate and will be starting there tren/eq tomorrow.

great shit bro. imo you wont be disappointed
Thanks for the welcome bros.

Greasy, yes I did do a search, just didn't find enough info. Word is BDL is good stuff, but I think it is also pretty new so new feedback should be coming in all the time.

Anyway, great board here. Lots of good bros willing to help.

Thanks again.