Benifit of quiting coffee Go Herbs?


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Im not sure whats goin on but im getting stronger and feeling more energized every day. My bench, squat, deads have gone up a little each week. It might be because I focus so hard on compound exercises and also just try to add 5 more pounds of weight each week to those exercises instead of trying to hit it from all angles or hit higher reps of the same weight from the week before.

I truly think though after yrs. of training and tons of yrs. of drinking coffee that I am getting stronger from quiting coffee. I feel so much better it's crazy I need something to settle my nerves though I have more energy and power now that I dont what to do with it pretty crazy.

I do drink a two bag green tea before every w/o in the past two weeks since quitting coffee and that has helped a lot.
Im trying Yerba Mate this week just ordered 5lbs of fresh leaf.

Anybody else try good chinese leafs or teas for energy and health benifits?
i think natty energy will always be better than any type of energy achieved from stims. . . as far as tea goes i drink alot of green tea myself. i like to get the loose tea leaves from a company called stash. they got good shiet.
getting mine straight from china my buddy went on vacation and told me he will bring me some...can't wait =)