best mass building exercise for tris...

Deep South Chris

the one and only BEACH
my tries have always been ok...but my bis had extreame growth from about anything i did...just could never get tris to respond very well...any suggestions?
go heavy. the more weight the better not less weight the more eccentric.
People who do alot of pressing should get a ton of work, i always thought weighted dips were great, but they do cause some issues with the shoulder over a long period. Most people will at some point in time have to drop skullcrushers due to elbow issues. You don't see big numbers on skull crushers in the gym ever, because the strong guys have usually abandoned the exercise years before.
as jcp said, any form of pressing will make your tri's GROW. i press 3x per week and that's done wonders for my tri's with NO tri iso stuff. i bench twice per week (flat/CGBP/decline) and push press (in front of or behind the neck) once.