Best Premade Fina?


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What are the top 5 brands of premade Fina on the market? I have acces to a few, and was considering LFC at the moment.
Easto...i would spend a little more and go with LFC.
i have a lot of expierence with both, and it's a no brainer to me if you have the funds. add some of their Prop and Winstrol (winny) and you'll have yourself one kick ass cycle.
god bless
Easto said:
How much better is LFC tren compared to homemade? Considering price, ect.

Ill be honest, I loved homebrewed Tren. The only downside to it was the crazy knots that I got wherever I injected. Keep in mind, this was with a different Kit company because I had not known about Researchkits at the time. From what I have heard, Chem's kits do not cause any knots.

But the bottom line for me was the knot issue. Then there was the issue of me just not wanting to make it because it was getting to be a pain in the ass to have to make it all the time. Then there was the issue of me just not wanting to chance it by having the pellets and kit delivered to me. I know neither is illegal but in my position, I cant risk anything. Also, it really depends on the person. If your going for sheer price, then homebrew is the way to go. If money is not an issue and you are sick of making homebrew or want to give another brand a shot, then LFC is the way to go. Especially since you are Canadian.