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I'm currently overseas in Greece and I'm really considering getting some gear. I'm unfortunately green when it comes to how to go about the purchase and best shipment method to get this gear back to the states. I'm also passing thru other European countries, but primarily Sicily & Crete, and I'm interested to know if I just walk up and buy it OTC or is there a point of contact I need to go to? Will the local pharmacy report me if I just walk in and ask for 10 amps of Test? Does anyone know if they'll ship it to my address at home directly and what cost is a good deal. I'm looking for test, deca, and dbol. Thanks in advance.
well, I don't know really, but if you can buy it, buy it yourself and pack it yourself. that way you can be more descrete about out. Mail it home of course, but figure out a good packaging method. The Pharmacy's method may not be all that great. but ya never know. good luck
If you've ever order from overseas, pack it the way they do. If you haven't ask through a secure forum.

I don't see the point in picking up gear overseas with the way things are having a hard time making it through customs. If your gear gets seized then there is no way for it to be resent. It is much safer to just use a good international source with a good resend policy.
I agree with wartime. Customs friggin looks everywhere, a bro and myself were gonna have his girlfriend bring us back amps stored in her tampon cardboard sheaths and she changed her mind while over there, good thing too because they checked her tampon box in and out too. Those guys are relentless at times.
Welcome bro and I also agree with Wartime it is alot safer to find a good int. source who will resend your stuff if it gets seized then you take a chance and it is found on you trying to smuggle it back to your country, that could end up being big trouble for you!
This kind of biz is not open for trial and error. You must do it correctly the first time or could suffer punishment for your actions or lack thereof later. Enjoy your vacation return home safely and then order from a professional source.

I wouldent take a chance with buying overseas, if i were you i would find a good domestic source
i am here just mostly reading however as i have had little time as of late to do much posting on any board. Sombat