Carolinacrackahs pics

Looking good.

Yeah, post up some different pics. How tall are you? What's ur current cycle? You should consider starting a cycle log, in the "My Cycle" forum. I find it beneficial for myself and other members as well.
My girlfriend took some pics of me over the weekend so i'll post those up as soon as she emails them to me. Im about a week out from finishing a cycle of
EQ 600mg
Test 500mg
Winny 50mg ed
Height is 5''11'
Weight is 218lbs
I have noticed that my back has grown signifigantly. Chest and arms and legs have experienced moderate growth.

pic on left is me after 3 months training weighing 145lbs.

Second pic is 3 or 4 years later after a dbol only cycle weighing 235lbs.
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Hey there brother.

You look good. Would like to see the back and legs. Keep up the good work.
legs are stubborn for worry about it. heck, i'm envy that you can squat 405 without probs...chill
CRACKAH you fukn savage you...lookin good man...i must say you need to tell your training partner to quit fukn staring at me bro...
So you guys were asking about my quad development. Yesterday I went over to the LA fitness in Irvine and decided to train legs....well i got in there and started warming up with 135lbs then 225 etc untill i get up to my working sets of 405lbs for 8-10 reps . I noticed alot of people staring like they've never seen anyone squat that much before. For me 405lbs is heavy but its really not that much...most of the guys i know can squat around 600lbs to 700lbs. I guess they dont believe in the almighty squat up there in Irvine.
Can i have MOD permission to distribute Steroidology there?