chest pains?!


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lately i have been getting some bad pains in my chest. i dont know what it is or why it is happening, but it is affecting me. i dont know if this has anything to do with it, but lately i have been getting a lot of cramps for some unknown reason. can anyone help me out?

im 19 and i shouldnt be getting chest pain like this
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I'll bump this for ya.......but I think you're gonna have to be a little more specific, as to location, frequency, duration, how bad is the pain on a scale of 1-10, what meds or supps you are on, any shortness of breath, what is your bp ?

Lastly, if it is bothering you so much as to post about it, I would say a trip to the doctor is in order !!
Hey Nutri, 19 with chest pains? It may not be anything serious, but I would not fool around with anything like that. Make an appt. to have it checked out by a doctor, then you definitely know what is causing this. You will at least have peace of mind that you had it checked out. Sometimes when you worry about the problem it makes it even worst. Good Luck Bro, I hope it is nothing major.
Chest pain can be caused by many different things.
Cardiac disease at your age is WAY down at the bottom of the differential diagnosis list.
1) musculoskeletal: most likely. Can be excruciating and masquerade as "cardiac" pain. Rib sprain, costochondritis, etc.
2) esophageal spasm: unlikely in your age group but possible; also, garden variety hearburn or reflux esophagitis can masquerade as chest pain
3) Lung pathology, eg, pleuritic pain (increased with deep breath) after an episode of bronchitis or other lung infection, viral or W/W
4) Panic attacks or just pain anxiety.
And the list goes on and on.
Keep tabs on it. See a doc if there's no resolution.
Chest pain isn't something you should put on the back burners. I would go talk to your doctor about it. It would fell alot better knowing what was wrong with me. I would rather find out form my doc that it is something minor (I shouldn't worry about it), then getting rushed into emerge because it is something major that I tried to put in the back of my mind. GO TO THE DOCTOR!
here is some more info:

It started in the upper left part of my chest around the upper part of my pectoral muscle. then it switched places to the upper part of my right side pectoral muscle.

i took 2 naproxens and 162mg of aspirin and went to sleep. i woe up with no pain and still dont have any yet. i am thinking it is something with the muscle cause on monday i did a new exercise in my rountine and switched it up. but damn did it hurt last night.
the craps are probably from taking it in the poop hole so much

on a more serious note, did you smoke that night? I have on occasion gotten a mild sorta of chest tightness after smoking
Doc Banner said:
the craps are probably from taking it in the poop hole so much

on a more serious note, did you smoke that night? I have on occasion gotten a mild sorta of chest tightness after smoking

i dont have the shits, starfish eater!

nope, didnt smoke
As I said above, if you mofos would read the post:
By far the #1 cause of chest pain is musculoskeletal.
In a 20 year old, the chance of it being cardiac is remote. No need to go traipsing off to the doctor right away on that one.
And now, sure enough, he tells us it was something to do w/ the muscle. I rest my case ;-)

That bodily system that allows support and locomotion, ie, the muscles and the bones!

i used the row machine with what i call the vee grip(close)
i have not used this machine in years i jumped right on
and went up to 200lbs for sets of ten. i believe i injured my
chest or skeletal muscles, i couln't breath real deep or even
sneeze it was very wierd. now it still hurts four days later.
anyone advise against trying to bench today, i can sneeze
now the pain is not quite as intense. I HAVE TO LIFT GRRRR!
I am 19 years old.. A few weeks ago i was having chest pains on the left side. Right by my heart. Went to the doctor and had a heart murmer.. Gave me some meds, and now im fine.. I waited for about a week before i went to the doctor.. Don't wait, if it is still bothering you, have it checked out!