Coming back after a car wreck that took me out for 2 years


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Hey Gents,

Its been a long time since ive been on the forum, but good to see some of the familiar faces around. I definitely smiled when I got back on the forum for the first thread I saw was Matt and 49er and a comment about the poverty mirror. Im about to get back to training for the first time in nearly two years after getting hit by a drunk driver. I ended up with my leg broken in 3 places, a broken arm, two ribs, torn laberum in my hip and a severe concusion. I had been working with 3j for several years and was at the best point in my training when it happened. Luckily I was already on trt, but between being in bed and surgeries its like I lost all that progress. I know it comes back, but just having got the green light from my primary and physical therapist getting back to it looks like a daunting task. Im beyond excited to be able to lift again, but I also have to recognize that Ill never be able to train quite the same way. Im planning on running a cycle, probably start slow and just add some decca in, it always worked well for me. If any of you guys have had similar experiences or advice on coming back after an injury, I'd love to hear your experiences.
Glad to hear that you are able to Train again.
I know how that is.

I've come back from Numerous Injuries, and 3 Major Surgeries.
A Laminectomy back in 77'.

And more Recently, a Double Hip Replacement.
One in 2016, and one in 2017.

So take your Time and Listen to your Body.
It may take a little longer than you expect, so be Patient, and you'll get there......................... JP
Similair thing for me, just got back into it this december, i drove off a 30 foot cliff, 3 yrs ago.....First i was temp paralyzed on the whole right side of my body for 2 1/2 months before, one by one, body parts started to function again, lost my job, my girlfriend, who i took in her daughter as my own when she was 4 months old till 3 yrs, just total abandonment by everybody. I grew up in foster care so i had no one to rely on, had to even sleep in a shelter for a while. Then i had nothing at all, thought my life was never going to be the same, which made it alot easier to fall into a prescription addiction!... I was at the height of my physical performance i hit 395 on the bench 2 days b4 the accident, was psychd to do 4 plates in a few days. Then slid in the snow beside a cliff edge. I dont remember it but i guess it was serious, it was on the news and on the local radio stations, which is how my gf and her fam found out about it, heard the description of my car and when i didnt come home they knew it was me. Instead of helpin me thru it like i did their probs and baggage they just bailed....... Then this december i was 8 months clean and got a decent job and wanted to get my life back, which was the gym. At first the weight and strength was coming back really really fast. I never heard of anybody else ever doing this routine so i dont know if anyone else does it or i just created it but i had amazing results from it and decided to do it again... 4 sets 15-12-8-if i could do more than 4 then id do a 5th set of a heavier weight and then next time the 5th set would be the fouth set and so on.....On incline dumbells i went from 20's to 85's in 5 weeks. Dont recommend it though. I was super pumped about the quick results i forgot about how muscle memory comes right back but tendons and all the other parts dont come back as fast, had a right shoulder and elbow injury after the second time hitting 85's... So what id recommend start slow and stay slow with the weight for a while. Cant even do 2 plates anymore. Did a plate and 35 last week and felt some discomfort on my right tendon just above the elbow by my tricep, im assuming its gunna stay that way cause the accident, worried i may never hit heavy again, but its still early in the game to say that. Was thinking of getting tb500, see if that does anything. I didnt research it heavy but for what i heard there was a crack down on peptide distribution a few years ago eliminating many pep sites and ruining the legitimacy of sites once known as legit.
Goes to show the benefits of juice and consistant exercise.... Most 65 year olds are at home starting to lose the ability to just walk and think lol. Even just exercise one of my foster dads was early 70's still workin full time and hittin the gym regularly. He wasnt juicing or anything but he was chubby and i dont think he hit raw weights. Just machines and cardio was being shoulder high in water and jumpin around with those foam weights. Says the day he stops is when hes gunna die
hes a beast man.. one of my favorite clients to work with.. like a fucking robot he follows instructions!

cant wait to get you back in shape brother!

if anyone else is interested in my nutrition/training coaching feel free to email me at
Just turned 65 in February.
Been in this game a very long time............................. JP
My Profile Pic is when I was 63.

Hope we can all follow your lead and stay young.
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