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I am considering doing a gh cycle, but I have to say I only know what I have read..Obviously this information is good but varies among those who use it for bodybuilding purposes...I would be very curious to hear from the boards about what th y think of GH and how they have cycled it.....Also, from what I have read it is necessary also to take thyroid meds and insulin while cycling GH ???? True or False????? thanks for the support..........later
I have taken it before bro. I started it in February of '02, and ran it until December. I really liked it, but only because I could afford it at the time. Being that I couldn't now though, I doubt I'd enjoy it as much. You will need at least 12 weeks of therapy to get anything out of it. I really didn't start to notice any muscular-effects until around that time, and at around $400/kit(avg.) it can get pricey. I liked the ancillary cosmetic-benefits it gave me, other than the muscle gain though. I did take it with insulin, but it didnt add much. I'm no fan of slin though to start. It makes me fat, and hypoglycemic. No benefits at all. Bottom line for me is: if you can afford it, then go for it. I'll probably use it again when the skin in my face starts to sag when I get older. Hopefully then, Serokits via pharmacy won't run a friggin grand per kit! Other than that, it is only really going to benefit you(assuming you can't afford it) if you are a heavyweight competitive BB'er, in which case you will need it to compete.

Some drawbacks, and why I quit:

1. Price.
2. GH Gut--No remedy
3. Carpel-tunnel Syndrome--Had it REAL REAL bad, and the reason I quit for good.
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yeh I am definitely going to do my research before jumping into it...Fortunately at this stage I can afford it, but just need some more info to be sure...........thanks fellas..........does age really play a part in deciding to cycle gh?????????????
Age does play a factor. As you get into your thirties, fourties, and beyond, your body produces much less gh naturally than it did when you were younger.

Insulin does help with gh, it may help to keep the IGF-1 active in the body longer, also gh increases insulin resistance.

DO NOT use T3 with gh. Contrary to popular belief, they are counterproductive. I'm going to have to look up the studies again and post them somewhere.

GH likes lots of androgens. Test, tren, dbol are good choices with gh.

I ran one cycle with it. I liked the effects but if I hadn't had a shoulder injury that healed up on the cycle, I don't think it would have been worth the money. T3 does a good job of fat burning at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Someday I might try Nutropin depot.

I am also interested in the new long lasting IGF-1.