Cycle help


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Is this good?

1 gram sus/week (10 weeks)
600 mg eq/week (10 weeks)

Also i ve been told i should take Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and nolvadex,during and are they really needed and clomids after
if so how should they be incorporated properly

Any guidence or suggestions for something different would be great

thank you
cycle help


this will be my 3rd cycle, my first was 250mg/ week of brovel testosterona for 8 weeks, it didn't do much.
my second was weeks 1-4: 750 mg sus/week
weeks 5-8 500 mg sus/ week
all weeks 200mg winny/ week

*cycle was planned for 10 weeks, but injured my leg so i cut it off at week 8 b/c i was on crutches and wasn't lifting as much.

I am 6'1'', 270 lbs, 21 years old
Those are high dosages. What kind of results did you get from your 2nd cycle? I would say this is simply too much (for my taste anyway). If you are going to do this much test I would advise you atleast look into getting some strong anti-e's like arimidex or femara. And you should always have clomid and nolva as well...
If you add EQ I don't see the need to increase your test. Try enan or cyp with the EQ.

too much Test.
try 500 Test 600 EQ and do 12 weeks. HGH pin every 10 days in cycle , and note sust +eq are flirting with gyno , you need AI.