Cycle Question

need a coach

Hey ther im new to the whole thing and ive started injecting my self twice a week, 1 ml of test. But actualy im totaly lost will somebody please help me. Everything about this is confusing. Ill leave my num. Id like to talk to someonedirectly please before I make a mistake and wont be here to talk about
I have purchased a bottle of 60 pills , 1 cycle ..take twice a day..what is an ideal time to take...also do I need estrogen blockers..and finally what are side effects....temper etc. do I need to detox my liver in between cycles

my stats are as follows..


175 lbs

20 yr old.

4 yrs experience in training..thank you
im a newbie and was wondering how every1 seems to obtain steriods so easily, wheras i have been looking for years and cant find ne1, mayb im looking in the wrong places, ne suggestions

WHAT?? Steroids??? Where??????????? Been looking for years and can't find any? Then you don't need them and get the F out of here. Sincerely-Your Dad (PS-You didn't get me shit for Father's Day)