does smoking pot decrease your test levels?


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i heard from a bunch of different people that smoking pot decreases your test levels. is there any truth to that, or is it just bullshit
jyzza said:
If that would be true then I would be impotent from my early years. LOL :druggie:
:eek: maybe that's why mine is so low:D

I've heard it can raise progesterone, in some people.

Although some studies show a slight decrease of LH immediately after smoking, it seems that chronic use doesn't have any impact.

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[Article in German]

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Thanks hhajdo for those, sure could have used those in some heated arguments over the years.

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well, alls i know,if i smoke around 4, come 8 or so, my nips are puffy as hell, i get psuedo gyno for about 8 hours.
damn my the only one who noticed the elevated gh levels listed in one of the sytudies? It's oficial my next cycle is a dime of kb ed
i've read some conflicting studies. All in moderation... including

Side note: I've smoked for a while now and my test levels were low and estro levels high. Not saying it was the pot, but could be/have been. Probably effects everyone differently, just like AAS.