Drug Rate!!! Lets Rate!


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Okay i start:

from 1 to 10 points

Norma Deca 8 P
Nile Sustanon (sust) 6 P
Karachi Sustanon (sust) 7 P
Schering Primobolan Depot 9 P
Zambon Winstrol Depot 8 P
Russian Test prop 9 P
Schering Testoviron 9 P
IP Winstrol Tabs 8 P
IP Superclen 8 P
British Dragon Anadrol 9 P
Organon Andriol 1 P
British Dragon Dbol 9 P
Testex Cyp 7 P
Schering Primoteston 9 P

That is what remember!

Now your turn!