For all who have injured your Rotator Cuff


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what are some good exersize's to get that little pesky thing back in shape? I just found out I either tore mine or have an inflammation and I gotta start to figure out some way to get myself back up to speed if I go down for surgery.


Those are a couple of sites that should help. Also...before working out chest, shoulders, basically anything where you're going to use your arms...warm up your rotator. I usually get a 5-10 lb plate or db in each hand, let my arms hang down, then slowly raise them up (with arms straight) over my head. That, and I get a 5 lb weight in one hand and do slow circular movements (low...out in front, high above head, and back to the beginning) then switch hands. Hope this helps. If it gets worse, get it checked out again. They'll probably give you some anti inflammatories at least if it's only inflammation, although anti inflammatories don't always help for me, but everyone's different.
I'm on Vioxx 50 mg for 4 days, then 25 mg for 6 days and if it doesn't get any better I'm going to the Orthopedic Doctor for MRI's and possibly surgery.

Thanks for those sites, haven't checked them out yet but I will.
Vioxx worked pretty well for me a while ago when i had a serious injury in my left knee. I've also taken Relafen 500mg with good pain relief.
I have had numerous problems with my rotater cuff, actually just recovering from 4 weeks off the gym. I do alot of swimming, also supps for joint lubricants are not a waste of money.
I had problems with my left shoulder and went to see the doc .... Got me some pain med ..... that lasted for 3 mo. Then he upped it .... that lasted for about 3 mo. Then got a cort shot ... another 3 mo. had MORE pain and he sent me to an Ortho who then gave me another cort shot and phys therapy and returned. He said if it hurts again MRI (leading up to the knife). That lasted 3 mo ..... See the pattern?

Did some research on Prolotherapy. Got a shot every two weeks for 2 mo (total four shots) and was back in the gym with no problem. Now I have the same problem with my other shoulder and plan on getting prolo done on that!

Worked for me and is better and going under the knife!
i screwed up my rotator cuffs 5 years ago. here are the exercises my doctor told me to do, the problems cleared up just fine. make sure you start WITH A LOW WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont be a hero, just start with 5 pound dumbless or less, and move up GRADUALLY.

1) stand up, hold dumbells, do lateral raises arms not going above shoulder level

2) stand up, hold dumbells, do frontal raises arms not going above shoulder level

3) stand up, hold dumbells in hands upside down (with thumb towards ground, palms facing outward), and do frontal raises with arms going out 30 degrees from straight ahead, again, arms do not go above shoulder level

4) lie down on side, bend elbow 90 degrees, rotate arm down and up to extent of your range of motion (do both arms)