For any of you guys who party with rec drugs and juice


Bob died for our sins
Ok in some of my previous posts and others people have brought up which I have no problem with them saying this but its no secret I was in rehab until this past weekend.

Ok that being said I had blood work done again as it is required while being in this particular rehab, verything came out fine cept the liver stuff which was double the normal range. The doctor we had there(who btw is a recovering alcoholic along with his wife our nurse) told me this was cause by the cocaine and crack use, neither of which I have touched for like 13 weeks(except for a 2 puff deal I did almost 7 weeks ago)

My point is this. If your gonna juice and protect your liver among many other organs during use, well its not only alcohol that you need to stay away from but the rest of the rec drugs like coke, X, etc....

Mild cycles or even heavy ones of certain Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) wont do much damage if any at all but if you decide to fuck around with the meany rec's out there because you think just alcohol will be bad for you then think again. Anything that enters the blood stream goes thru the liver.

Anyways be safe and he highly reccomends Milk Thistle as a liver protector and takes a shitload himself(he is in his 60's and in great health and shape from what I saw)

Thought I would pass this along
good advice, luckily I'm too obsessed with bodybuilding to touch any of that stuff.
Milhouse, we should hook up next time I go out in your fair city..
Its great that you admitted you had a problem, and then did something about it. Guys steroids are hard enough on our bods. Lord knows I have had my fair share of health problems due to the lifestyle that I live. I will admit that I myself have battled with X, coke, as well as several others(worse being pain meds!). I know that while in rehab they tell you to take it one day at a time, but in my opinion that leaves the door of opertunitity open for tomarrow. Its all about deciding that enough is enough and its time to quite.

I'm proud that you made that decision.
Nice to see you back Milhouse and "Thanks" for sharing your experience. Hopefully some guys will listen and learn from you.
Coke and is VERY, VERY hard on the Liver and the Kdney's. X is also EXTREMELY ahrd on teh Kidneys. Coke is also a very bad for the heart nd BP.

A buddy of mine had an 8-ball at his place last week. I didn't know that he had 'hooked up' the night before. I rolled over to his place to pick him and go to the gym (we had planned on meeting the day before at his place at 9 AM, Saturday morning.) and he had about a gram of Coke left from the night before and had been 'bumping' for 24 hours straight. Needless to to say, he wasn't going to the gym and seeing that little pile there 'made' me want to do a 'bump' or two. Well, at 10:30 AM, I had done 4 small lines and (he had stopped) and it ruined my day! It wa the first time I had touched the shit in two months! I had to get out there or I would have called my boy and gotten a gram or two for myself and turned it into a party.

I am just finished the D-Bol portion of my cycle at 30 mgs per day. D-Bol is tough on BP. After my second line, my resting heart rate was about 140 BPM!!! Never ever touch Coke when your on a cycle. Again don't touch it period ESPECIALLY if you've never tried it!!!

good post, good looking out for some guys. i personally have never touched anything except juice thats it. and i dont drink so im pretty in the clear but still use alal and milk thisle just for the added protection, good luck on your total recovery though bro.

I use to do hella X last Summer. But after a shile, I started noticing that my muscle mass felt as if it were deteriorating after each night of partying. Not to mention the ecovery after a night of doing X is pretty hard anyways. Its hard to do cardio right now with my cycle (which I am in week 8), let alone I have gained 45 pounds in the last year. Doing X right now woud not be wise, as I feel like my heart would just STOP.

anyways, just stay focused on yoru goals and get your body to where you want it to be. Once your off your cycle and taking time off and you give yourself 1-2 months of no juice, then I say have a night of partying, enjoy it, get fucked up, recover...then don't do it again for 6 months. just look at it as a reward for all of your hard work, yet stay in control and just do it every once in a while...
All of that has a terrible effect on you mind and your body. Honestly how many people can say that they have gone to the gym after a hard night of drugs... well even drinking. All concetration is gone and you end up streing at the chicks on the stair runners, or sitting on a bench with you feat on the dumb bells.
Yeah I was at the gym for 3 hours, but did you lift a weight, pro not. By the way that shit is getting heavy. I wish they called them lights, pfffffffffff. The more along in my cycle the heavier they get,lol. I love this stuff.