For once and all! pics of B-D's and Thermos, B-D advantage!


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Well with grafix-gnc giving me shit cause I love my new B-D's I took some pics of differences between the two.

You will first notice the syringe is longer and sturdier (by feel) and the push top is much bigger allowing much easier for big fingers to press solutions in on hard on-sites.

The B-Ds also are longer and hold over 4 cc's to draw back!

You will also notice the needle in last pic is much sharper than Teurmo's.

I am putting this faq up for those who doubt me and think am selling making $ off them which I am not!

I do believe in helping and sharing knowledge.

you will see the B-D says B-D on the syringe if you look hard.
I been getting a lot of shit from non believers and never compared the two next to each other until today but you can see the bigger plunger for fat or big fingers makes it much, much eaiser doing onsites without fingers slipping off of syringe and twisting needle to get a grip.

I never would have believed the plastic gripper was so much bigger (almost twice the size) on B-D's until I put side by side.
I have tried both and I really like both of them, but since I switched to Terumos I find I don't feel them as much.
I've used both kinds and the B-D's are the better of the 2. That little extra room for your fingers at the plunger makes a big difference sometimes!:insane: