Gear Crash from Cold Weather?

Rob Scott

New member
I sent items from two different UG labs to guys in climates where it's wicked cold right now. 0 degrees. In both cases individual vials crashed, went cloudy. Can this happen from being mailed into freezing weather?

Is there a way for those guys to fix the gear? Or for me to prevent this from happening?

there is no way to prevent this from happening.....its the same as the infamous "freezer test" for test ampules to see if theyre legit.

if the person heats the bottle back up slowly over a low flame (or even a cig lighter) it will dissolve the steroid crystals again into solution and if they dissolve all the crystals fully and dont let it freeze again it shouldn't have any reason to ever crash again.
Just heat it back up, all is well again.

It is temperature dependant, so unless you can control the temp that the vial is subjected to, you cant prevent this.
Heat up a cup of water, let it sit awhile. Make sure it isn't too hot before you inject.
Thanks, all, for the replies. I live in sunny California so I never encountered this before. Of course, if they heat the oil too much it will waxify and get cloudy for a different reason. Maybe I need to knit little sweaters for the bottles.