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Not sure if this is where I would post this information, I guess mods will move it, befittingly. I need some advice. I've been reading online about safe and great gains from Pro-Hormones, specifically VPX's 1-Test and it's supplement VPX's Liposomol EQ. I wanted to take this for a month and half cycle. I'm not into looking for too much gain ( meaning 20+ lbs), ideally, I want around 10-15lbs net muscle mass. I'm a 5'10 171-3 lb guy. I'd like to be somewhere around 185-7lbs. Do you think it's safe and it's possible to gain what I'm looking for with these products? Will I have to supplement SAN estrodex(sp?), some new type of estrogen-blocking agent, so my testosterone levels don't fluctuate during my time. Thanks, any advice would help!
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BowlingForSoup said:
I've heard VPX is a shotty brand anyway, so I agree with the previous answers.

Dont talk shit!! I am a friend of Jack O, and his stuff is top notch!!

The products you picked are solid...these pro-steroids work!! They really do, but you can get the reall stuff for less than half the price.

So if you have a thick wallet and dont care VPX is a solid company!

If you want to do it right start reading on out article board!!
Okay, let me rephrase that....I "heard" (as in I myself have not ever used said product before so my answer to this may be invaluable, although people I know have used it and those were their responses to it) VPX is a shotty brand anyway, so I agree with the previous answers.

So after further thought, and since I don't want Lawn up my ass, I'll say............I don't know. I've used Ergopharm and Molecular. My opinion is just that.......opinion. I'm a stupid man and can only hope I have not jaded your opinion of this product. If it makes you feel better, you may take the empty bottles after you're done and shove them up my ass for I've been a bad little monkey. BAD I say. I shall be off for I have been banished to the dungeon for master to do with as he pleases. Good day.