Hair Thinning...


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Just curious to know if anyone has had any luck restoring their normal hair thickness after a cycle?

My hair is really thin right now so when my hair is wet or if I try and style it with gel, you can see a lot of my scalp. Been using Spironolactone 5% for the past month and haven't seen any improvements.
Get used to it.

Baldness is genetic; you're either going bald (thinning) or you're not.

Steroids aren't going to "cause" you to bald, they'll merely speed up the process a bit if you're already genetically predisposed to it.
Bladness dosen't run in my family, but my hair has been thinning out from all the cycles I have done. IMO once you lose, you lose it for good. It all comes with the game, just shave it.
teh spiro will stop the loss but not bring any back. Best chance of that is with xandrox 12.5%
I've been using the xandrox and at time it seems like its working, but then I go and ruin it by running something like Winstrol (winny) or tren and set myself back again
The great thing about "saving" your hair with xandrox (or other minoxidil solution), finasteride, dutasteride, etc. is that as soon as you stop--the hairloss will pick up right where it left off.

Why people would spend all that money on a solution that only temporarily halts the progression of hairloss (doesn't really grow anything back to any large degree) is beyond me...

A lot cheaper to get a haircut, or wear a hat, or not give a fuck.