bro, what do you need to know? when squirting bacteriostatic water into powder vial, do not squirt directly on powder, squirt on side of bottle... what specifically do you need to know?
all i am getting is the powder, what type of bacterial water do i need , where can i get it, do you know the amount of powder to the amount of water?
is this from a chinese lab? i might know what your talking about. the hgh comes in all different size vials right? i emailed about them and if were both thinkin of the same guy it comes with the water in a seperate vial. and i guess the 50 mg Anavar (var) they sell came back completly bunk, dont know about the 25 mg
but we may be thinkin of two diff people.
JohnnyB said:
Have heard bad stuff about chinese hgh, so be careful.


yeah, tell me about it!! i've got red welts all over the stomach area that hurt like a bitch!
i am all screwewd up, i have some hgh from china on the way, when it gets here i will post more and try and get some help testing it, thanks felas