how do I get a peak on my bicep?


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My arms are fairly descent size for me (about 17 1\2" -18") but when I give a good bicep flex it just looks like hills on my arms instead of mountains with a good peak at the top. I don't have that little gap between the crease in my elbow and the bottom of my bicep. I am just wondering is there an exercise I can do to help with this, or am I just genetically screwed?
I have found that to get that peak if you have long bicep heads you need to scrap the barbell movements and concentrate on bringing up that peak. I would do incline curls, preatures, concentration curls and cable curls along with other isolation exercises that hit the inner bicep head. I did this for a while to help with the peak on my bis. I change from a routine using these movements to a routine that uses more big movements like barbell curls.
Hope this helps you out bro.
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peak comes with lighter weight, more concentrated movements, squeeze the shit out of em. but dont forget to add mass builders in the routine as well, what good is a peak w/o mass?
Peak is mostly down to genetics. However, by stimulating the brachailles muscle which sits beneath the bicep you can force it to push the bicep higher thus creating a bigger peak. Hammer curls across the body isolate the brachailles.