HRT what age? what to say??


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At what age will docs consider Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)? Are they going to be leary b/c of my size? What do I say? Anything I could ask my insurance company about first?
Keep in mind I'm from Europe so things could be different-
I'm on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) (or should be at least) since age 28. Before I ever cycled. I discontinued for financial reasons (goto doc, bloodwork, doc again, pharmacy for 6 Sustanon (sust), back to doc for follow up). I need to pay the full price for the Sustanon (sust), about 10$. Normally one would get 50% off if it is a permanent condition (which it probably is), but not for me. Why? because only people at age 60+ get that option.
All this doesn't make any sense to me. People at age 60 with low test are common, it's not a disease. Young people with low test have a true disease.
So, how I did it:
I went to the doc and complained I was rapidly losing muscle weight, about 50lbs in 4 years. I still looked very muscular at 200lbs. Although all this was true, I easily could have lied. Doc gave me bloodwork and it showed test at 25% of the clinical minimum and immediately put me on HRT.
StoneColdNTO said:
thanks I read it, but Ive seen quite a few of the members on here that were on HRT. I didnt think they were all 40+. What is the youngest you have heard about being prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)? I guess low sex drive, depression, etc would be the best complaints, but so many docs want to prescribe anti depressants that dont seem to do crap. Can I request a blood panel?