I don't care how many times I use it..


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Liquidex still tastes like shit. Not the worst thing I have ever had but it ranks up there.

Liquidex is nothing.
You havent tasted liquid clomid yet?
Thats the worst taste in the world:worried: :squint: :thumbsdow
My Ldex doesn't taste bad at all. It leaves a weird aftertaste, but I put it in my mouth and just hold it there for a second then swallow.
clomid makes me wanna gag, and the taste doesnt wash away. Liquidex is nothing. Liquid clenbutrex makes me wanna blow chunks everytime.
if you like the clomid try pnps femara...my girlfriend thought her antibiotic tabs tasted worse so we taste tested each others meds.


she bitched about the taste of that shit for hours
pnp femara is the sickest taste ever!!!! I've taken to piercing a flax oil capsule, squirting out half of the oil, and then injecting the cap with the femara to avoid ever having to suffer that taste again. Well worth the effort!
its not PnP's fault, all clomiphene citrate (unless flavored) pretty much has the same, distinct, shitty taste, where everything for the next 4-5 hours tastes like ass. Well, now you know if your clomid is legit right?