IGF-1 affects serum adrongens


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YOu got to read this. COuld this still work for normal males or onlder males with less GH?

Titre du document / Document title
Effect of insulin-like growth factor-I treatment on serum androgens [/B] and testicular and penile size in males with Laron syndrome (primary growth hormone resistance)
Auteur(s) / Author(s)
LARON Z. (1) ; KLINGER B. (1) ;
Affiliation(s) du ou des auteurs / Author(s) Affiliation(s)
(1) Endocrine and Diabetes Research Unit, Schneider Children's Medical Center, and Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Résumé / Abstract
Serum gonadotrophins, androgens, insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) were determined before and during long-term treatment with recombinant IGF-I of seven males with Laron syndrome, and the changes correlated with changes in testicular volume and penile size. The subjects were four boys below the age of 5, two boys aged 10 and 14 but prepubertal and one 28-year-old fully sexually developed adult. IGF-I was administered by a once daily subcutaneous injection of 150 μg/kg per day to the boys and 120 μg/kg per day to the adult patient. In the very young boys no change in serum gonadotrophins, androgens, gonads or genitals was registered. In the two older boys and the adult patient, there was a progressive rise in luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and testosterone. Concomitantly, there was an increase in size of the testes and penile length. The two boys started puberty. As very high serum IGF-I levels were registered in the adult patient, the daily dose was progressively decreased to 70 μg/kg per day. Stopping the IGF-I administration in this patient. according to the protocol, led to a return to pretreatment serum levels and testicular and penile size. This report shows for the first time a direct effect of IGF-I on sex hormones and sex organs in the male.Revue / Journal Title
European journal of endocrinology (Eur. j. endocrinol.) ISSN 0804-4643
Source / Source
1998, vol. 138, no2, pp. 176-180 (22 ref.)
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Portland Press, Colchester, ROYAUME-UNI (1994) (Revue)

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Laron dwarfism ; STH ; Target tissue resistance ; Insulin like growth factor 1 ; Recombinant protein ; Chemotherapy ; Replacement therapy ; Treatment efficiency ; Long term ; Gonadotropin ; Hormonal investigation ; Blood plasma ; Testicle ; Penis ; Size ; Adult ; Infant ; Child ; Adolescent ; Israel ; Human ; Asia ; Adenohypophyseal hormone ; Protein hormone ; Endocrinopathy ;
Mots-clés français / French Keywords
Nanisme Laron ; STH ; Résistance tissu cible ; Facteur croissance IGF1 ; Protéine recombinante ; Chimiothérapie ; Traitement substitutif ; Efficacité traitement ; Long terme ; Gonadotrophine ; Exploration hormonale ; Plasma sanguin ; Testicule ; Pénis ; Taille ; Adulte ; Nourrisson ; Enfant ; Adolescent ; Israël ; Homme ; Asie ; Hormone adénohypophysaire ; Hormone protéine ; Endocrinopathie ;

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Mots-clés espagnols / Spanish Keywords
Enanismo Laron ; STH ; Resistencia tejido blanco ; Factor crecimiento IGF1 ; Proteína recombinante ; Quimioterapia ; Tratamiento sustitutivo ; Eficacia tratamiento ; Largo plazo ; Gonadotropina ; Análisis hormonal ; Plasma sanguíneo ; Testículo ; Pene ; Talla ; Adulto ; Lactante ; Niño ; Adolescente ; Israel ; Hombre ; Asia ; Hormona adenohipofisaria ; Hormona proteina ; Endocrinopatía ;
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INIST-CNRS, Cote INIST : 5321, 35400007867931.0100

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